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About Us

Our Vision

To be the best at delivering increased profits and market share for each manufacturer and brand we represent in every market we service, providing superior customer service levels and response times that are second to none.

Our 5 Guiding Principles

  1. We are a family company driven by the values, interests and passions of our manufacturers and associates.

  2. We represent each manufacturer and brand with the highest level of professionalism in the industry.

  3. We vigorously and responsibly advocate for our manufacturers in all areas of our business.

  4. We treat all associates and partners as valued colleagues.

  5. We provide room for expansion and adjustment, supporting a continuous improvement operating system (CIOS).


Origin of Our Name: White Wolf Group

Formed by industry professionals with a combined experience of more than 100 years, the White Wolf Group aligns itself with the inherent characteristics of the animal that encompasses its brand.

The White Wolf, native to extreme North America, is known to be the most skillful hunter on the planet. It is a pack hunter that follows a well-defined hierarchy and possesses a keen sense of its surroundings.

We pride ourselves on intelligently representing our manufacturers and their brands while following a supporter vs. non-supporter relationship with distribution. We are the go-to experts for solutions, providing technical expertise developed from decades of real-world experience.

1349 Old 41 Highway
Suite 120
Marietta, GA 30060

P: 800-401-4870
F: 888-908-9372